Invitation to the ZCMC Centennial Celebration

ZAMBOANGA CITY MEDICAL CENTER, as requested we are providing you a list of medical equipment which you may possibly donate to ZCMC, as follows:
1. suction apparatus
2. nebulizer
3. infrared thermometer
4. BP apparatus (non mercurial)
5. automated external defibrillator
6. pulse oximeter
7. emergency cart
Thank you and we hope to see you soon.
Abigail Marquez
Administrative Officer IV
Office of the Medical Center Chief
Below is a “youtube" link we received from ZCMC regarding the upcoming Centennial.

Hi Everyone:
      After surveying a few hotels around the Phoenix area, the one that offers the best accommodation/facilities for the best prices is 
the Sheraton. For us to have an enjoyable and fun-filled holiday in Arizona, we came up with the following projected expenses:
     Hotel Accommodation: $99.00 (per couple)/day X 4 days
     Taxes/Fees:                     $19.00/day X 4
     Registration:                   $75.00
     Dinner (Formal)             $90.00 (sit down).
     Picnic:                               $30.00
Total ……………………  ……… $ 667.00  (4 days event)
For a change, all activities related to the reunion will be held at the resort, including the picnic, by-the-river. Expenses for the picnic
will be much cheaper if done at the resort than having it at the park where we will have to worry about renting for space, transportation to
the area, pre-and post-care of the venue, etc. since manpower is limited.
We encourage everyone to support our 2019 reunion by signifying your intentions to come, perhaps as early as possible. We are looking 
forward for a robust response from alumni, so we can share with each other moments of nostalgia and pay tribute to where it all started, ZGHSN...